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and it's a hot, sweaty night. i can't see the clouds. i'm just surrounded. surrounded by walls; by, thick shadowsets, and stormy imaginations. i can't sleep. there is artificial light, and i know that the boy sleeping in the other room can see it seeping through the crack under the door. the girls sleeping next door can probably hear the conversation i'm having, having with the girl sitting across from me.

she has faded black dye drawn out from her roots, chocolate brown shining through. her eyebrows are tied down, sending shadows sprawling over her dark eyes, and, streaking lethargy down her face. this is just a moment, one that will pass. it's already going by; each moment filled with a crowded word and a hint of emotion. i don't even know what time it is, i'm not willing to let the time sprint, but, time waits for no one.

no, that's not true. time waits for lost love, only, because, it's not like we're able to find it. we're not able to find it, we're not about to find where we've seen this, and hope that the sun isn't too high in the sky.

and i can hear the sound of the rain, when, it's actually just the sound of the fans going on, trying to keep everyone cool. trying to keep everyone sane.

and maybe, maybe lost hope is all we need.

and maybe we don't need to need.

and maybe, -maybe nothing.

oh darling, but maybe,

maybe everything.
i know this doesn't make any sense,

i know,
Ezzie-bubblemaster Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Student Writer
Oooo i love this, it's great and really emotional. made me smile, and it's made me think <3 Have a happy new year <3
Amylwa Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
thankyou, beautiful. :heart: hope you have a happy new year, too. :heart:
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December 31, 2010
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