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something occurred to me tonight.
the world, is such a big place. six-point-four billion, at the least. it's hard to believe, that the life each of us leads has a place, has a purpose. you know, sometimes people like to be alone, so they're turn to what essentially is, nature. maybe visiting a beach, or just lying under the stars, or even maybe walking somewhere far away from everything. nature is what we rely on to keep our mind balanced; but i'm not sure whether you could be classed as nature.
but you are beautiful. you too are ancient, and implacable. your hair blows in the wind and your blood flows just as strong as that of a river. your eyelids have their own secrets and your hands tell a story with every touch. and knowing you, knowing everything you've come to allow me to know about you, well, i feel so small. i feel small, like a speck of dust in a cloud. like i said, the world is such a big place. but if your story alone is a cloud, then the whole world must have turned cold,
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more than two birds
she spent her nights coughing up a bitter resentment for the world she lived in,
and her days were wasted on the now-evanescent clichés she couldn't ever fathom.
and all that could be thought in the dank,
dark living room, was how her ability
to write,
made her lose her
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a letter i will never send.
come to think of it, i have never told you what exactly you mean to me. i've always said simple things, implied things, acted upon things, made simple gestures. but not once have i had a chance to say words that tell you everything. not once. i suppose, if i were to find the words, find the exact words that perfectly, absolutely perfectly demonstrated what exactly i mean when i say i love you, perhaps it'd be almost like writing a number in terms of pi instead of a decimal. it'd be perfect, and accurate. and complete.
though, finding those words would mean clambering to the deepest roots of my mind, to the very start of what it is that i now think. i'd be peeling back layer after layer, until my mind is naked, bare and plain, infront of you, for anyone to see. i'd be happy to, just for you.
it's funny, you share the same name with my brother, but really, you're both very, very different. i don't even want to think about him, because he has never been you. you're a beautiful boy;
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dear you,
1, dear you,
thankyou for always being the sunshine in a thunderstorm. you're more amazing than you think, and i don't care about how bad you may think you look, you are still all i could ever ask for.
love, me.
2, dear you,
i don't know about you, but i'm happier now. the worst thing you did, was change your mind. i don't mind so much now, but it was a hard thing to accept that you didn't want something because there was a chance that we'd eventually break. and i'm sorry i scared you when i used the phrase "shit happens and people bleed."
love, me.
3, dear you,
sometimes, i could almost swear i hate you. but i don't; no, you've kept me warm when i've been cold, and you've shown me things that i couldn't have learned on my own. i cannot stress how thankful i am, for you both to work so hard, to send me to such a high standard school. i promise, it will never go to waste.
love, me.
4, dear you,
i know you don't think so, but i do love you. you're always going to be the person that
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cold trinkets.
dear you,
I love you,
and I know, that nothing else matters.
from, me.
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some things,
are hard to accept;
but, other things, you just don't want to.
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and i'm standing in the corner with my head
held high.
i can't say i did it out of spite.
"make a wish,"
"done. your turn,"
"already did, and, it's already come

after all, i broke yours and you broke mine.
don't they say "an eye for an eye?"
"and you didn't bother to wish for
something less likely to happen?"
"but that's all i wanted?"
"well, i'm happy you wished for it,"

wouldn't that make the whole world blind?
and i don't think you could see it, how many we
"it shows i love you,"
"love you too, amazing boy."

but the one thing i can't let fly,
is that saying i love you, was never a lie.
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 1 2
forget it,
and i looked down in defeat, closing my eyes painfully once more. i can feel it under your gaze, saying that this is the end of a chapter, and, there's something else that i can't understand.
but i get it. i got it from the first moment; leave.
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 2 2
in the space of a few minutes, i turned off my windows 98 desktop computer. i'd pulled everything from my wardrobe and just stuffed it into a large bag i found behind the door. i turned off the lights, and stood in the dark, knowing i couldn't stay long.
my lips were quivering, my fingers numb. i couldn't breathe too well, but i still walked, dragging my things outside. i shut the door on my way out, slid your keyring underneath the door with a feeling of resignation flooding every limb, every trace of me.
i'd been waiting for this; this day where i'd finally be able to disappear. i'd walked about half a mile when i flipped out my phone and punched in your number, and a short message, there's really no way to reach me,
and after i sent the text, i cracked open the back of the phone and tore out the sim card. snapping it in half, i smiled as i threw it on the side of the road, the last remnants that i was here.
and further i walked. just kept on going, one foot infront of the oth
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envious fluorescence
i hate to admit it but, she was beautiful for you; perfect in each and every way. i could bet you that on that day, [and you wouldn't be able to tell,] you looked genuinely in love.  mostly it was your eyes; there was a sort of golden happiness, that, made you look like it was the first time in a long time that you were happy.
and i suppose you deserved that. to be happy.
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 6 2
It was an ugly kind of romance. It was the type of romance that caused you to skip a chapter in a book, or cringe while fast forwarding an entire scene. Sometimes you'd watch it when you were alone, though, just to remember things, right? You'd flip through the best scenes with the monologue of six-handed swordsman, and all the trickery and deceit. You missed all the best parts of things, and, quite frankly, I didn't blame you.
I suppose the sun was still up, I'm not sure what you'd rather think, but I was still safe and bathing in the daylight when he called. He left a message for you, and I wrote it down and on your mirror above the faucet, I left it there. I can recall that day so perfectly, like it was a mere hour ago. I know you don't like to remember the subtle things, but, any day you'd like to, you should know you're welcome to.  I love you just that much. And I thought you'd be able to see that this was the same ugly beginning where we all came from.
I remember being
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 2 2
remnants of our lethargy
and it's a hot, sweaty night. i can't see the clouds. i'm just surrounded. surrounded by walls; by, thick shadowsets, and stormy imaginations. i can't sleep. there is artificial light, and i know that the boy sleeping in the other room can see it seeping through the crack under the door. the girls sleeping next door can probably hear the conversation i'm having, having with the girl sitting across from me.
she has faded black dye drawn out from her roots, chocolate brown shining through. her eyebrows are tied down, sending shadows sprawling over her dark eyes, and, streaking lethargy down her face. this is just a moment, one that will pass. it's already going by; each moment filled with a crowded word and a hint of emotion. i don't even know what time it is, i'm not willing to let the time sprint, but, time waits for no one.
no, that's not true. time waits for lost love, only, because, it's not like we're able to find it. we're not able to find it, we're not about to find where we've s
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 2 2
screaming in a crowded room,
i never thought the sky would be my enemy before. you know, the moon and the sun? they're just so, so pretty, and, it kinda makes me sad that i can't touch them. can't hold them, and say, 'look at me, i have beauty, for once.'  admittedly, i have had beauty, once before. only, i couldn't hold it in my hand, couldn't wave it in the face of the world; couldn't touch it as intimately as to say i owned it. i suppose, really, i didn't need to.
firstly, i thought you'd know. you tell me that i'm beautiful, that i'm amazing,  but have you ever looked at yourself? truly looked?
i'm not sure of anything anymore. i don't pay attention to your tightly shut lips, or how your hand tenses when i mention his name. i don't want to, because, i don't know if you noticed, but, i'm happy. and there's been nothing, n o t h i n g more capable of doing that. it's different, you know? it's one of those amazing feelings, of which few there are. there's only so much you can tea
:iconamylwa:Amylwa 2 2
this is what i do.



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